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By-products Beneficial Reuse

As the cost of all products and services increase, there is a greater need for more efficient waste management and conservation of landfill space.  Proper waste management results in an economic benefit, reduced environmental impact, and potential enhancement of environmental quality. 

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Our by-products beneficial reuse program is mostly aimed at:

  • Characterizing industrial and agricultural by-products

  • Determining and testing options for beneficial uses of the by-products

  • Determining and exploring the most safe and economical methods of disposal of the by-products

In addition to making recommendations for safe disposal, we have found several beneficial reuse options for different by-products, such as uses in landscape water filters, soil amendments, and components of synthetic soils.

 Some of the by-products that we have worked with include:

  • Drilling mud from oil and gas exploration
  • Directional horizontal drilling waste from urban and suburban utilities installation
  • Fly-ash from power production
  • Coffee hulls (aka coffee cherry)
  • Flu gas desulfurization (FGD) gypsum from power production
  • Drinking water treatment residuals
  • Acid mine drainage residuals from reclamation of acid mine drainage
  • Foundry sand (green sand) from the metal casting industry
  • Steel slag from the steel production industry
  • Expanded shale (Haydite)
  • Pipe scale from metal pipe production
  • Paper mill pulp from paper production
  • Leonardite from coal mining and power production
  • Various wastes from food processing
  • Swine effluent
  • Dairy manure
  • Poultry litter
  • Beef feedlot manure

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